We call our market the Golden CrescentTM and you’ll call it “golden” too, as we target the greatest affluence and biggest housing boom of all of North Florida.



Many advertisers don’t seek to reach all of Jacksonville (and its 900 square miles!), but rather want to concentrate their media dollars where they will obtain the greatest ROI — within proximity to their business and targeting those most likely to become their customers. 

Finally, premium brands such as yours have a better option: a true luxury magazine serving the region we’ve dubbed the Golden Crescent — that crescent-like shape formed when tracing from the Jacksonville Beaches south, through Ponte Vedra Beach, and then inward to Nocatee. Why golden? Because this region represents the greatest concentration of wealth and new luxury housing development in all of North Florida. And when adding our other waterfront markets of Riverside/Avondale, San Marco and San Jose, Living Luxe is reaching the most affluent readership of all of greater Jacksonville.


Our readers are affluent, highly educated, busy professionals who place a premium on quality products and services, and are willing to pay for them.

The entire look and feel of our magazine especially appeals to women, aged 29 – 65. Why this focus? Because 90% of women in this age bracket read magazines and control a whopping 92% of household spending! Yet we certainly don’t ignore the men. Each issue is sure to include content specifically geared to our male readership — from coverage of THE PLAYERS Championship to stunning wildlife photography and outdoor adventure travel tips.


Living Luxe enjoys a readership of 100,000 annually, through a minimum of 40,000 printed copies (10,000 per quarterly issue). Our beautiful, table-top presentation ensures lasting presence from living rooms to lobbies, being shared amongst multiple parties.

We print four times a year and are distributed for free through direct mail (even protected within a polybag cover) plus hand distribution at 400+ strategic locations throughout the Golden Crescent and region-wide.

And while we invite subscriptions, we ensure that nothing interferes with your advertising message being seen by the greatest number of prospective clients. This is why we mail and distribute for free and why we also provide an elegant flipbook version online, linking each advertiser’s ad to their own website.

Living Luxe further provides visibility to thousands of viewers online through strategic SEO marketing and social media campaigns.


Please email us at pam@luxepub.com for a media kit.

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