From hand-written letters to emails, texts, phone calls and even social media endorsements, we’re grateful for many wonderful reviews coming our way.


“The (Living Luxe) Underwood’s Special Christmas Edition was the most successful issue we’ve ever done. We got calls from as far away as Philadelphia — like the client who said it was the most beautiful magazine he’d ever seen. And the marketing manager for one of our top luxury brands was visiting at that time, and stayed at the Ponte Vedra Inn & Club. She picked up a copy of Living Luxe at the resort, and said her Dad, who was travelling with her, could not put it down.” 
C. Clayton Bromberg, CG, President, Underwood Jewelers, February 19, 2019


“A couple came in today with our ad from Living Luxe torn out of the magazine, wanting to learn about the condos! They said they’d picked up Living Luxe at their doctor’s office and were here on account of it!”
Sue Hutchison, Sales Coordinator, Waterfall Luxury Condominiums, April 16, 2019


“We’ve been blowing through a ton of the magazines. People really like it because it looks like an expensive magazine you’d have to pay for. We get better tips when we hand them out.”
“Seth,” Valet at Medure Restaurant, referring to arrangement between Luxe Publishing and area valets to help distribute magazine, April 16, 2019


“Thanks, but I don’t need a copy, as I’ve actually already read it! I get it in the mail. I love this magazine! It’s on my coffee table at home.”
Unidentified woman sitting in Ruth’s Chris restaurant lobby when offered a copy of Living Luxe to read while Publisher restocked supplies, April 16, 2019



“I was wondering if you’d mail a copy (of Living Luxe) to my friend, because I want her to see this magazine, but I don’t want to give up mine.”
Jacksonville Beach resident who receives Living Luxe by mail calling Publisher, April 15, 2019


“I saw LL on the counter at Bonefish last night.”
Brian Bidwell, Owner, Wild Birds Unlimited Jax Beach and Julington Creek, April 15, 2019


“Recently came across your magazine at JOI (Jacksonville Orthopaedic Institute). Nice. Enclosed is check for 2 one-year subscriptions.”
Glenn Burhans, Jacksonville Beach resident, April 13, 2019


“I had brought a copy of the spring issue to show my accountant. As it turns out, she’d already seen it, as just that same day another client had brought her a copy of Living Luxe, saying “You’ve got to see this magazine.”
Eloy Castroverde, wildlife photographer whose work is featured in Spring 2019 issue of Living Luxe, April 8, 2019


“A couple came in from Nocatee, saw the magazines (at the front reservation desk), said they love it, and asked if they could take like 10 copies or more to give to friends. I said ‘Absolutely!’”
“Selena,” Manager at Roy’s Restaurant Jax Beach, April 2, 2019



“They go pretty fast.”
“Debbie,” Concierge at the Ponte Vedra Inn & Club Surf Club referring to how quickly guests pick up Living Luxe, March 28, 2019


“There’ll only be one left by morning.”
“Ginny,” Sales Manager at the Ponte Vedra Inn & Club Surf Shop upon looking at huge stack of magazines delivered to her countertop, March 28, 2019


“My staff tells me whenever you’ve come in delivering new copies. I ask ‘Where are they?’ They tell me, ‘They’re already gone.’”
Tony Scholera, General Manager, Graffiti Junktion Restaurant, March 27, 2019


“Pam, your beautiful magazine is flying of the shelf or table! I have been restocking the ones at the Ponte Vedra YMCA. I'll put out 10 or 20 and they are gone within a day or two. The other day I was working out and went down the hall way to the pool to talk to my friend Alex. He said he wanted to see the magazine and I told him I just saw there was one left. We walked back inside and it was gone! You guys did a great job with the current issue! So many people are talking about the magazine.”
Eloy Castroverde, wildlife photographer whose work is featured in Spring 2019 issue of Living Luxe, March 26, 2019


“I like the new ‘listings’ section.”
Pat Columbo, Ponte Vedra Beach resident referring to new Luxe Listings content, March 23, 2019



“We sold another membership today off our ad!”
Deanna Grady, Membership Director, Serenata Beach Club, March 21, 2019


“Our patients LOVE this magazine! They like reading it because it’s so peaceful looking and helps get their minds off of why they’re here. Once all the issues on the coffee tables are gone, they’ll come around the backside of my desk and try and grab more copies when they think I’m not looking.”
“Joy,” Head Receptionist at Mayo Clinic new Mangurian Building, March 21, 2019


“Our customers love this magazine. I love that you open it up and you’re not clobbered by ads.”
Cathy Wagner, General Manager, Ragtime Tavern, March 20, 2019


“I’ve been raving about your magazine to everyone at our office. The content is great! It’s always at the (Ponte Vedra Inn & Club) gym and members like to have something like this to read while relaxing.”
Jeffrey R. Bankston, Attorney at Law, Buschman, Ahern, Persons & Bankston, March 20, 2019


“I was at the Ponte Vedra Inn & Club Spa today and Living Luxe was on all the tables. It looked great!”
Lisa Barton, Broker Associate, Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Florida Network Realty, March 19, 2019



“This magazine is perfect for our front desk, as a lot of our guests are here because they’re looking for a home, and it’s such a classy magazine about the area.”
Christopher Brown, Front Desk Manager, Sawgrass Marriott Golf Resort & Spa, March 15, 2019


“Your new issue is incredible. I’ve been handing it out to all our guests.”
Randy Pickering, Assistant General Manager, Hilton Garden Inn Ponte Vedra Beach, commenting on the many hundreds of copies of Living Luxe provided his customers during The PLAYERS Championship week, March 15, 2019


“When I first saw your magazine, I came back to the office and instructed my staff to contact you. I told them ‘This is where I need to be.’”
Jan Shields, Realtor, Watson Realty Corp., March 13, 2019


“Pam, this publication is beyond beautiful... well done again! With every issue, you raise the bar.” 
Diana Edwards, Owner, Lemon Twist Boutique, March 12, 2019



“Hey Pam, I had a meeting today at Fortress Wealth in Ponte Vedra Beach, and they have every single issue of yours on the lobby coffee table for guests to read. They said they LOVE your magazine! (And they’re heavy hitters!)”
Alyssa Sharp, Private Dining Director, Roy's Jax Beach, February 20, 2019


“I definitely recognize your magazine, as I see it on coffee tables in homes throughout the Beaches.” 
Jason Huntley, Partner, SH Design, February 20, 2019


“Our partner brands are all so impressed with the magazine, Pam. We get rave reviews from them about how it looks and feels.”
Charlie Slaton, Owner, Carla Shoes & Accessories, February 13, 2019



“We got two calls today off our ad! Both said they loved the ad and the magazine, and wanted to schedule a tour.” 
Deanna Grady, Membership Director, Serenata Beach Club, January 21, 2019


“We got a call just a few days after the (December) issue came out. A man wanted to buy the exact shoes in our ad for his wife.”
JoAnne Wilkins, General Manager, Carla Shoes & Accessories, January 15, 2019


“A woman after church today said she was at the Lexus dealership and saw my ad in a beautiful magazine.”
Suzie Connolly, Realtor, Ponte Vedra Club Realty, December 30, 2018


“I know the magazine is out there, because I keep getting texts and emails from clients saying they are reading this beautiful new magazine and see my name in it.”
Corey White, General Manager, Roy’s Jax Beach


“I have to say... we are thrilled with the new magazine. The publication looks great, the articles are interesting and, most importantly, our ad is AWESOME!”
Lisa Barton, Broker Associate, Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Florida Network Realty


"We are getting tons of positive comments regarding the magazine... we also had our first tour this weekend that identified Living Luxe as how they learned about us!"
Jane Z. Norton, General Manager, Serenata Beach Club


“We truly appreciate all the kindness you have shown to Bold Bean. This is incredible the amount of exposure your lovely magazine is getting!”
Lindsay Burnett, Business Manager, Bold Bean Coffee Roasters 


“Thank you for the great placement and I thought the magazine turned out wonderfully.”
Jim Moyer, General Manager, Jaguar Land Rover Jacksonville


“I know this magazine! We get it mailed to our home — my wife loves it! We’ve never seen anything like it here.”
Jason M. Simpson, Director of Development, Baptist Health Foundation


"Thank you, Pam, for a beautiful and professionally done article. Many of my patients have been asking where they can buy a copy of the magazine!"
John B. Harris M.D., Ponte Vedra Beach


"Pam, thank you for allowing us to see your latest creation. After meeting you in person and seeing your first issue, we could not wait to see how you would follow that amazing start. Well, we were not disappointed! We have only seen the latest issue electronically so far, but we were delighted to see that it is the same high-end magazine, such a thrill to see top notch quality in this day and age. Still, there is something to be said for the beautiful, vibrant colored, glossy pages in your hands! I cannot wait to get “my hands” on the latest happenings and stories from the “Golden Crescent”. Your magazine is top notch!"
Ron and Judy Storey, Nocatee


"Thank you for your beautiful publications that you provided to our store. The pages for our product were outstanding!"
Robin Spence, AshleGryre Boutique, Atlantic Beach


From our culinary travel writer, Kelly Merritt, to her wide-ranging social media base: "Thank you all so much for your insight and photos in my research on Charleston for the inaugural issue of Living Luxe magazine. Though I have been to Charleston no fewer than a dozen times, it is impossible to keep up with such a dynamic place without your help.

This new luxury market publication is the brainchild of Pamela Anderson (no, not that one) out of Jacksonville, FL for the Golden Crescent market, the swath of land from Nocatee, north through Ponte Vedra Beach and the Jacksonville Beaches. It pleases me to no end, that in this time and place in our business, someone would have the courage to start a magazine in print media and be so committed to quality and positive coverage. I hope you will not only enjoy the story and share it, but that you will support Pamela's new endeavor. Please flip through the pages and encourage your friends and clients to share this issue beyond this message of thanks."

Kelly Merritt, specializing in culinary travel writing since 1999 for Forbes Travel, Southern Living, Plate Magazine, OpenTable, Washington Post, Los Angeles Times, South Magazine, Restaurant Insider, Tasting Panel Magazine, LUXE Magazine, Sommelier Journal, Bespoke Concierge Magazine, Naples Daily News, Living Luxe, GO AirTran In-flight Magazine and Florida Weekly.


"I enjoyed reading your inaugural issue recently. The photography, content, and even the paper stock were all impressive."
Joanna Stachura, Saavy Naturals Shop, Neptune Beach


"Congratulations Pamela on your new publication! What a beautiful publication! Love the imagery. Best of luck!"
Krystyn W. Collier, Esq., Collier Spine Institute, Jacksonville


"Another fabulous issue!"
Katie Rider, Gregory Paul’s Catering, Jacksonville Beach


"Pamela, the team sent me photos of the magazine while I was traveling. It looks fantastic! Thank you for doing a great job and showcasing our work so nicely. I also just received an email from our PR agency. They said you did a fabulous job and we were represented well."
Katrina Hosea, BeeTree Homes, Atlantic Beach


"You're really upping the ante with this magazine. The second issue looks absolutely awesome!"
Steve Parr, St. Augustine


"We are all very excited to see the continued growth of "Living Luxe" in our community!"
Jose Orosz, 3 Palms Grille, Ponte Vedra Beach



"Pam, congratulations on a job well done! I took the magazine to New York with me and showed it to my Les Dames d'Escoffier group as well as the chefs team from Greece that traveled to New York to do the "Culinary Secrets of the South Aegean" dinner with us at the James Beard House. They were all very impressed with the magazine and with my article. A journalist from Athens was among the members of the Greek party, and he was asking me all sorts of questions about the magazine, the article, etc.

Would you be able to send me a separate pdf of my article so I can post it and share it on Facebook? I have many Facebook friends all over the world: Italy, France, Greece, England, South Africa — and all the great wine regions of the world. It would be great exposure for you, your magazine and me!"

Irene Moore, specializing in freelance luxury lifestyle writing, focusing on wine, culinary, and travel and holding an Advanced Sommelier/Mastery of Wines Certification from FIU's Chaplin School of Hospitality, plus an MBA from Fordham University’s Graduate School of Business in New York.


"KUDOS! I picked up your magazine in a doctor's office, wrote down your website address and after looking through it on the internet (very internet friendly, thanks to your designer), have decided to send in my check for a subscription! I have lived in Ponte Vedra for over 18 years and have seen publications come and go. Some, I've wondered why the effort and material was wasted. Others assume that you know everything about your hometown, i.e. THE PLAYERS and other info, which serves to make a reader feel like an "outsider."

Your magazine offers truly something for everyone and feels very inclusive, which I think is that elusive quality that brings readers in. I really enjoyed the cactus article, which was complete with thorough information and also recommendations for further research through websites. Another magazine may have shown pretty pictures (of which yours are stunning) without making a reader's fantasy seem achievable.

If you keep up the good work of informing, entertaining and inclusiveness with local flavor emphasized; either recipes, events, gardening, fashion... whatever feeds a magazine reader's thirst for knowledge or fantasy (isn't that why we read magazines?), I believe you will have a winning publication on your hands! In today's digital world — not easy. And oh, as a postscript of sorts, love the designation of the Golden Crescent!"
Dee Schwab, Ponte Vedra


"I live in Nocatee and just sat down to read your magazine. It is terrific! Thank you for providing such a beautiful and interesting resource for our community. I have found most local magazines rather bland and poorly written. Yours is top notch! I plan to go buy a cactus… and look forward to more."
Anne-Marie Campbell, Nocatee


"It was a wonderful happenstance to meet you yesterday at the Surf Shop at the Ponte Vedra Inn & Club. Your new magazine is stunning. Congratulations to you! I will spread the word on your beautiful new publication!"
Jana Olslund, Ponte Vedra Beach


"I picked up your inaugural issue of Living Luxe at Starbucks, and it is a beautiful publication. If you are looking for anyone to help provide content I would be happy to donate some time and/or introduce you to some of the people I know in the writing/photography space. I am in between London, England, and the U.S. currently split between business and hospital medicine."
Dr. Nikhil Patel, London


"Congratulations Pam on the success of your inaugural issue! I've heard many wonderful comments about the magazine. Also, a client of mine that used to be a publisher in New York called to say it is a very high-quality magazine."
Suzie Connolly, Ponte Vedra Club Realty, Ponte Vedra Beach


"Pam, your magazine is lovely! Why wouldn’t we want to be a part of this?"
Katrina Hosea, BeeTree Homes, Atlantic Beach


"Pam, this is Robin from Sidney Cardel's. At work, reading your Inaugural issue of Living Luxe. It is awesome!! A beautiful, new magazine for the area. Loved the articles and the photos were amazing. Keep up the great work!!"
Robin of Sidney Cardel’s, Jacksonville Beach


Mitch Diehl, St. Augustine


"Chris and I received your magazine yesterday and wanted to pass along our congratulations. You nailed the look and feel, and we are very grateful to be included in the issue. Many, many thanks!"
David Wallace, Wheelhouse Storage, Nocatee


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